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The Kardashians

Exclusive! Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Astrological Forecast: Is a Baby on the Way?

No matter how many people thought Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s quickie marriage wouldn’t last, the stars might actually be aligned for the couple. We asked astrologist Virginia Bell of to size up Khloe and Lamar based on their birthdates. In her exclusive Wetpaint reading, Virginia has some good news for the pair.

“Together Khloe and Lamar have astrological gold!” Virginia emailed us. “Khloe is a Cancer; Lamar is a Scorpio. Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, which make them emotional, sensitive, intuitive, romantic, and private. They also both have a Gemini moon. The sun is our identity, energy, and vitality; the moon describes our feelings, heart, and soul. Their moon or heart is very much in sync. Mental Gemini is an air sign; it rules information, communication, and the media. They are sociable, quick-witted, curious, and clever; the eternal student who loves to read, talk, and text. Together, their communication is superb; their pillow-talk even better!

“There are differences, too. Khloe has five planets in water signs; three of them in domestic Cancer, so her need for home and family is strong. Lamar is more earth and fire; driven, ambitious, restless, with an intense need for challenges and change. Scorpios can be moody and although they crave intimacy, they also fear it. Cancers can hide behind their nurturing role. Luckily, their Gemini moon with its need for communication is the glue that keeps them together.”

They’ll need to lean on each other as they undergo some big changes in the next 6 months. Or should we say small changes? As in, a baby?!

“There are some changes ahead for both of them. Khloe’s sun in Cancer is currently experiencing a powerful opposition from all-or-nothing Pluto; a crisis or loss can be the catalyst for personal growth and transformation. It is strong now through June and again in early December. There are also three eclipses this year that will impact both their charts. Eclipses bring sudden events and dramatic changes; the moon is associated with mother and motherhood so perhaps Khloe will get pregnant. They could move; Lamar might switch teams, or they might embark on another big project. Whatever it is will be big. Stay tuned!”

We can’t wait to see what happens next for these two crazy kids!

05.26.2011 / 09:39 PM EDT by Ian Spiegelman
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