Kendra Wilkinson Is Now a Size 0 Thanks to DWTS
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Dancing With The Stars

Kendra Wilkinson Is Now a Size 0 Thanks to DWTS

Move over, Kirstie Alley! There's a new Dancing With the Stars diva ready to boast about her weight loss success.

Kendra Wilkinson may not have begun the competition as a "Fat Actress," but she is definitely thrilled with how DWTS Season 12 changed her body.

"I feel like I look so much better than I used to!" the sixth-place dancer told Life & Style. "I was a size 2 or 4 before Dancing With the Stars and now I'm a size 0. My waist is still shrinking! When you work out, you produce so much lactic acid, so my body always looks thicker and more muscular. Now that I've had a couple of weeks off, my body is fuller and looks better. I hope I'll look like this forever. But to be honest, I will never be satisfied!"

Never satisfied? Where is she supposed to go from here — double zero? She'll be a popsicle with chesticles!

Kendra gained 60 pounds while pregnant with son Hank Jr., who was born in December 2009. Even though she's now down to a size 0, she’s looking forward to having a second child. "I'm worried about gaining the weight back," she told the mag. "but motherhood is worth it."

Kendra shows off her bod and shares diet tips in the new issue of Life & Style. How do people not fall over when they’re that, um, top-heavy?

Source: Life & Style