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American Idol

The Top 10 Moments of the American Idol Season 10 Finale

Last night’s American Idol finale was crammed absolutely full of entertainment goodness. From wild and wacky guest performers to fuzzy feel-good segments, we’ve got our Top 10 Idol Finale Moments for you right here.

10. Scotty and Tim McGraw sing “Live Like You Were Dying.” Not only is it a terrific song worthy of the Idol finale (and much better than Scotty’s single), and not only was it one of Scotty’s best performances of the entire season... but also, Mr. McGraw looked very nice in his cowboy hat and tight t-shirt. Shallow? Yes. But true.

9. The battle for “Most Shocking Elimination.” While James and Casey arguing over whose elimination (or almost-elimination, in Casey’s case) was the most shocking was already funny, Pia’s casual appearance in a tiara and “Most Shocking Elimination” sash proved for a decidedly giggle-worthy punchline. Pretty Princess Pia can be funny! Who knew?

8. Beyonce joins the Idol girls on “Crazy in Love.” We were already enjoying the ladies’ medley of Bey’s hits — especially Haley’s growly take on “If I Were a Boy” — but having Sasha Fierce herself join them made it ten times more exciting. Her later performance wasn’t our favorite, but this one had us crazy in love, too.

7. Scotty and Lauren are just babies! Late in the evening, there was a video package of the Top 13 making fun of the Top 2 (lovingly, of course) for being so darn young. It was a cute, silly segment, but it was nice to get the reminder that several of our Idols — James and Casey, especially — are pretty funny.

6. The Durbz performs with Judas Priest. Didn’t it feel like it had been ages since we’d seen one of James’ performances? Between the screaming guitars and the return of the pyrotechnics (both vocal and, y’know, actual), it was a very welcome return to the Idol stage for The Durbz, if you ask us.

5. Lauren gets to sing with her idol, Carrie Underwood. While all of the contestants clearly enjoyed performing with their personal idols, for the most part, you didn’t necessarily have the sense that their partner was really their true idol, their absolute first choice. In Lauren’s case, though, you knew that there was nobody else in the world she would’ve picked. Her joy was contagious.

4. Lady Gaga performs “The Edge of Glory.” Standing on a giant rock formation dressed first like a giant lamp (sort of) and then eventually like a punk-rock Xena: Warrior Princess, Gaga brought the fashion, the spectacle, and the vocals we’ve come to expect from Mother Monster. She also brought a hot male backup dancer, so thanks, Gaga!

3. Ford gives cars to Lauren and Scotty’s favorite teachers. Ford, one of Idol’s biggest sponsors, has traditionally given new cars to the winner and runner-up, so that was no surprise. However, having Lauren and Scotty invite their favorite teachers to the finale, and then presenting the teachers with new cars? Surprising, and absolutely awesome.

2. Casey and Jack Black perform “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Okay, so it probably wasn’t the best type of performance to show off Casey’s (considerable) musical skills, but for sheer entertainment value, it was perfect. The matching outfits, the dancing girls, the ending nose-to-nose pose... we couldn’t have asked for more.

1. Scotty wins! We saw it coming. You saw it coming. Your cat probably even saw it coming. But we have to give it up for our new American Idol! Scotty was terrific all season, and we were happy to see him crowned. Confetti and kisses — can’t go wrong with that!

05.26.2011 / 11:03 PM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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