New Interview! Scotty McCreery Talks Solo Career and Lauren Alaina Romance Rumors
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American Idol

New Interview! Scotty McCreery Talks Solo Career and Lauren Alaina Romance Rumors

Last night, country crooner Scotty McCreery was named American Idol... to the surprise of no one. Seriously, Scotty's bottom hasn't touched the Stools of Shame once this season! Despite his spectacular track record, the teen remains humble and totally surprised by his big win. Fresh off his Season 10 victory, Scotty McCreery talked to reporters about his new album and settled those pesky Lauren Alaina romance rumors.

On how he's handling his new-found fame:
This is pretty wild, I gotta say. It was a whole lot more than I bargained for coming into this. I never would've expected it. But I'm handling it well — it's what I asked for and this is my new life. It's been a crazy ride so far.

On whether he ever doubted himself or thought he would be eliminated:
This week especially. Lauren Alaina, she's something else. She sings like a bird and she's an amazing young lady. But every week — I've heard people say [I'm] the front-runner and the favorite — it never even crossed my mind. Because everyone this year from the Top 40 down was just so talented. It was an amazing ride. I don't think I ever really gave myself a chance as a musician before this show. I've always had confidence in me, but the nerves on this show are something else.

On last night's kiss and whether he's dating Lauren Alaina:
Oh, no. Me and her are more like a brother-sister thing. She told me before the show that she was going to [kiss me] as a joke. So she did. She's a character. She's lovely. We're really close friends because I met her Day 1 of Hollywood Week and we've been schoolmates through this whole experience. She's great, but we've got a brother/sister relationship.

On his future album and who he'd like to collaborate with:
I'm really looking forward to getting my music out there. We've already recorded two [songs] this weekend. We weren't sure which to do, and "I Love You This Big" turned out to be the one we did. But the other [song] I'm really excited about too. I think it's going to be great album. I've gotta pick some good songs. That's what it's all about after the show, because the fans got me to where I am now so it's my job to get them the music they want to hear. Hopefully, me and Lauren Alaina will get to do a duet. I'm not sure it'll be for the first album but hopefully sometime soon.

On why Ryan kept calling him "Scotty the Body":
He told me early on that it was a tradition. I think he's done it for all the Scotts he's had on the show.... It was like a joke. I've been eating too many cookies on the show anyway. I'm not as toned as I was during my baseball days.

On how his voice has developed throughout the competition:
I've kind of always sounded the same — other than when I was younger and had a really high voice. I say Vegas Week was the week I really discovered I could sing higer than I had been singing so far. Ken Stacey, one of the vocal coaches, he kind of got it out of me. I've used that a lot with "Gone" and "That's All Right Mama." I've been singing up higher for a lot of different stuff. I've used my low voice, but I guess you can say that it's changed over the competition.

On why he choose to sing country songs all season:

Well, everyone has their own niche. Casey was singing his jazzy, rocker-growly music. Jacob sang his gospel music. James sang his rock music. I sang my country music. We all kind of have that same niche. They do different songs, but we all have that same genre we like to stick to. Country music is what I grew up with — it's what I do.... If it got me this far why change it up? It's what I love to do.

On finding out that his single "I Love You This Big" is currently No. 1 on iTunes:
Is it really? That's the first I've heard! That's amazing! That is wild. I love the song. This is really wild. The song is a great song. When they pitched it to me, I fell in love with it. Last night when I sang it as my finale song, it was kinda a choked-up performance, but I got through it and hugged my family. It's really amazing that it's No. 1. You're the first to tell me that.

On whether he thought he was going to win American Idol:
My thoughts were that Lauren Alaina wrapped it up when she sang that momma song. That's just one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I was more than nervous coming into last night. It worked in my favor. But Lauren's sweet. She's been supporting me and I've been supporting her during this whole process. We're close friends and we both came out winners last night.

His closing remarks:
Thank you guys so much for everything y'all have done for me. I've done all the work on Idol now and it's time for the real job to start. Thank you so much and I'll be talking to y'all soon.

05.27.2011 / 02:31 AM EDT by Angeline Candido
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