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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Future Housewife of the Week: Kim Kardashian

Introducing a new RHoBH feature: Future Housewife of the Week! Every Friday, we’ll pick someone who’s been popping up in the press and dub them a Future Housewife based on their ability to create drama, live the lifestyle, or just generally be fabulous.

We apologize if you try to live a Kardashian-free lifestyle, but even hermits living in the remotest hovels have probably heard that Kim Kardashian is marrying short-time boyfriend Kris Humphries very soon. Once Kim buys the E! network, she’ll have no trouble re-writing her contract so that she can appear in a Bravo show, and when that day comes, you know she’ll want to get in on the Housewives action. Here’s are the reasons she’ll fit right in with the Beverly Hills brood:

  1. Calabasas cure: Did you know that, like many of the Housewives, Kim Kardashian does not reside in the Beverly Hills zip? Nope, she makes her home 20 miles outside of L.A. in Calabasas, California. We’re sure it’s a lovely area, but Kim needs to relocate closer to the action if she wants to hang with the RHoBH ladies. Plus, she’s so crazy rich that it wouldn’t hurt to ditch those strip mall nail salons and Baskin Robbins for more upscale fare. Spas and gelato, Kim.
  2. Amaze-bling: Miss K loves to work out, and no doubt she’s breaking a sweat lugging around that 20.5-carat diamond. What fun she’ll have comparing the rock that she’s got against the blinding gems of the other Housewives.
  3. Basketballer: Right now, according to the sports-loving dudes in our lives, Kim’s fiancé Kris Humphries isn’t a big-deal basketball player. The Nets forward currently resides in New Jersey, and while that spells crossover potential with RHoNJ — which we’re totally down for, btw — we think Sacramento Kings owner Adrienne Maloof could finagle a trade or something so Kris and Kim can be closer. Because that’s totally how sports teams work, right?
  4. Sister, sister: Sure, the Kardashian kids bicker more than the Maloof-Nassifs, but they have yet to have a falling out to rival the Richards sisters. Kyle and Kim Richards could learn a few things about sibling warm fuzzies from Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian. Though we hope the Richards don’t adopt the Sisters K style of TMI sharing. (We don’t need to know what Kyle puts on her va-jay-jay.)
  5. Empire waste: While some of the Housewives have legit careers (we are so scheduling a trip to Villa Blanca on our next visit to L.A.), others enjoy less 9-to-5-style jobs and prefer to get gigs at their husbands’ production companies or do charity work. Kim Kardashian has a media empire to rival that Maloof dynasty, so we have to give her props for her business savvy. And amongst Kim K’s endorsements, there’s something for almost every RHoBH-er to enjoy: Shape-Ups for the athletic Adrienne; bikinis for the figure-flaunting Camille; Midori for Kim R. We just hope Taylor stays away from the QuickTrim.

Does Kim Kardashian have the drama potential to stir up trouble on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Kount on it.

05.28.2011 / 05:57 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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