New Details On Snooki’s Italian Cop Car Crash
Credit: ÊWill Groves/ Pacific Coast News    
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Jersey Shore

New Details On Snooki’s Italian Cop Car Crash

In a shockingly sober vehicular collision on Monday night, Snooki crashed into a cop car while driving the streets of Florence with Deena. Apparently, she rear ended the po-po during evening rush hour with Meatball #2 in the passenger seat, wedging her Fiat Multipla between the cop car and a concrete barrier. Although it was a low-speed incident, Deena had to escape the car through the window, because her door was smashed shut.

Hilariously enough, the police officers Snooki rammed into were actually assigned to the cast of Jersey Shore's personal safety security team. Oops! Sorry, guys! Although ambulances showed up, the girls refused medical treatment (what are they thinking? Don't they know it's free over there?). The police officers, who weren’t feeling as heroic as our guidette duo, were taken to the ER to be treated for whiplash, cuts, and bruises.

Snooki and Deena were taken into custody at Florence's central police station and questioned, but it wasn't a "formal arrest," authorities say. They could potentially face charges later, but for now, Snooki's license has merely been revoked. She was breathalyzed on the scene, and fortunately blew zeros, so she could get her license back in as little as 15 days. The police officers have some time to decide whether they'd like to press charges or not, and until then, they'll be taking some much-deserved time away from work to recuperate.

Oy, Snooki. You might try to avoid causing bodily harm to the people assigned (probably against their will) to keep you safe. We're pretty sure this incident won't be doing the macaroni rascals any favors in terms of winning over the locals.

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