Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Announce Separation on Fifth Wedding Anniversary
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America's Next Top Model

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Announce Separation on Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Sad, sad, news: Our inaugural Top Model-turned-sex icon and spouse to Peter Brady, Adrianne Curry, has announced that it's splitsville for the My Fair Brady stars. To be fair, we don't think anyone would argue that this was the world's strangest celebrity pairing, so their separation doesn't come as a huge surprise.Given that Adrianne has been blabbing to Howard Stern that the couple never has sex anymore, divorce seems imminent. What’s weird, even for these two, is that the announcement was made on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

For now, the two are separating. A statement released by the couple's rep explained: "The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union. Not unlike all marriages, work must be put in... They are taking time to see if they want to continue to put in that extraordinary effort."

Hmm, whatever could they mean by "their unique union"? Could it be their age difference (a paltry 25 years), their attractiveness difference (self-explanatory), or their combined D-List celeb-dom? It’s a toss-up. But Adrianne’s tweets seemed positively gleeful, especially as she reminded fans that this weekend marked their half-decade anniversary.

The ANTM winner wrote "May 29th, 2006 I married Christopher Anton Knight. Enjoy your weekend! I certainly am!!!" Yeah, and May 29th 2011, you dumped him. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend to us, too.

So who gets all the naked photos of Adrianne hanging around the house in the divorce settlement?

Source: PopEater