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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Season 13 Rumors: Melissa Gilbert In! Mike Tyson Out!

Who wants the full Dancing With the Stars make-over-my-life treatment? That’d be Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert, who is going through a messy divorce and could use some “sequin therapy.”

The National Enquirer — the media’s most reliable source — says Melissa will compete on this fall’s Season 13. The Enquirer claims the 47-year-old is studying past season’s dancers to get ready to compete.

Melissa and her husband, Scarecrow and Mrs. King star Bruce Boxleitner, separated on March 1. “After so much pain and heartache recently, it’s nice to see Melissa with something to smile about,” an insider told the mag. “Her upcoming appearance is giving her something to look forward to after her split from her husband.”

Zap2It notes that Melissa was spotted in the DWTS audience a few times this past season and has been tweeting with Season 12 runner-up Kirstie Alley.

We’ve already noted the Regis Philbin rumor out there, although the situation is really that the producers want him for Season 13 and Regis is hemming and hawing about it — because he’s Regis and that’s what he does.

Mike Tyson recently revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he is doing Argentina’s version of DWTS — dancing with his wife — because they pay more than the American version. “Have check, will dance,” Mike tells Jimmy. (Great slogan!)

You’d think now that DWTS is regularly the number one program in the U.S., they would have salaries on par with Argentina. Or maybe the U.S. producers don’t really want Tyson, so they’re lowballing him. Who would dare to be his dance partner?

Sources: National Enquirer, Zap2It