Top 5 Reasons Why New Directions Should Have Won Nationals
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Top 5 Reasons Why New Directions Should Have Won Nationals

They say time heals all wounds, and yet we’re still despondent about the fact that New Directions came in 12th place at Nationals in Glee’s Season 2 finale. Forget losing with grace; our favorite glee club totally deserved to win it all! And we have our top 5 reasons why below.

5. We loved the kiss!

It seems easy for a glee club to deliver a highly choreographed and overly polished performance, so we found it unfortunate that New Directions was punished for showing true emotion and spontaneity in the form of Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel’s (Lea Michele) kiss. Was the judging panel made up entirely of nuns (and not of the ex-stripper variety)? Far from inappropriate, that kiss was what awards were made for!

4. They’ve come a long way, baby

The most astonishing thing about how great New Directions sounds is the fact that the club was in shambles just two years ago under the deranged tutelage of wacky Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky). We doubt the other groups have undergone such incredible progress — um, hello, Nationals! — in such a short amount of time without selling their souls to the devil (like some other glee club coaches).

3. Those original songs

Any group can crank out a rendition of a hit pop song or coast on the back of a single vocal star, but New Directions manages to sound amazing on a wide range of songs that they write themselves (albeit at the last minute). And we actually like most of the songs, even the recent (and admittedly unconventional) love song “My Cup.” If you weren’t already singing odes to your kitchenware, you are now. It’s OK, you can admit it.

2. Now they HAVE to win next year

Rachel, Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Mercedes (Amber Riley) now have only one year left in which to win it all. Gulp! Of course, this year’s loss can mean an inevitable win being written into next season’s finale — which pretty much takes all the fun (and will-they, won’t-they drama) out of it, dontchyathink?

1. Just Glee-cause!

Look, we’re sure that all 50 teams are supremely talented. But we love these kids — we know what they’re been through, we know what glee means to them, and we know that their hearts are in the right places. (Okay, maybe Lauren’s a bit aloof, but we like her bada** style.) So being the die-hard Gleeks that we are, their pain is our pain. Let’s just agree that a happy, trophy-filled ending would have been good for all parties involved.

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