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America's Next Top Model

Christopher Knight Admits He Still Loves Adrianne Curry

Move over, David Arquette; there's a new near-divorcee waxing nostalgic about his almost ex-wife. Christopher Knight (better known as Peter Brady to legions of viewers) and ANTM's first ever Top Model, Adrianne Curry, announced their separation earlier this week — weirdly enough, on their fifth wedding anniversary. But Chris is insisting that the couple split amicably, and hinted that they may just be taking a break.

"I love her dearly," he told TMZ when they caught up with him on a photo shoot in Los Angeles. "We just need some perspective... That's all it is." Aww, well maybe things are better for the couple than their separation makes it seem. It would be a very Brady breakup, after all.

Just before the split, Adrianne admitted things had cooled off in the bedroom for the oddly matched twosome. (To be frank, they sounded pretty frigid.) Maybe the break will give her time to learn some new tricks. Plus, we're sure Chris's attraction to his crazy hot wife will reignite once they spend some time apart. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And by "fonder," we mean "larger," and by "heart," we mean... Well, never mind. You get the picture.

In any case, we think these two will either work it out or become celebrity besties — and either one of those works for us.

Source: TMZ