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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Los Angeles Auditions

Sweet, it's the last audition city for Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance! You know what that means for next week: Vegas, baby! Let's see which talented Angelenos have the chops to get at shot at the title of America's Favorite Dancer!

Quick rundown for the newbies: Each dancer performs a short solo. If they're holy-crappers awesome, they'll be heading straight to Sin City, where they will get a chance to land in the Top 20. If they are awful, laughable, or downright scary, it's the end of the road. If the judges are on the fence, the performer in question will have one more opportunity to prove him or herself in a choreography round. Their ability to rock multiple styles and pick up steps in a short time will determine whether or not they receive golden tickets. Got it? Super.

Off to the West Coast we go!

Los Angeles Kills It!

At the judges’ table: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Tyce Diorio.

First up on stage is scantily-clad Jordan Casanova, who nearly gave Nigel a heart attach with her über sexy strip club moves. But this is no ordinary stripper — this stripper has sky-high extensions, hits a 180-degree penche in record time, shoots down to a split faster than most of us hit our couches, and possesses more fierceness than Tyra Banks. Hot damn, girl! She gets a standing ovation from the dudes in the audience and a ticket straight to Vegas. Duhs.

Next is super-likable "D.C." Chapman who manages to get Nigel to do the Cat Daddy, some sort of newfangled wheelchair-riding dance. Anyway, he also has a little boy on the way, and if that doesn't make you want to vote for him, then we don't know what will. Much to our delight, he totally rocks his audish with his comedic hip hop performance and scores a free ride to Vegas. His teary, proud, 5-month preggers girlfriend in the audience definitely put a lump in our throats, too. Sniffles.

Repeat auditioner Arielle Coker made yet another comeback this season and, wow, the trip was worth it. She moves on to Vegas, along with a string of other amazing talents. Another standout was bubbly Hero McRae from Japan, an extraordinary girl popper with a gold top and a personality to match. Vegas much?

The choreography round continued to bring good news, with eight more dancers moving on. In fact, Nigel declared it the best day they've ever had on the series. Big words!

Day 2 kicked off with Big C, who was dressed up as Santa Claus with fake rosy cheeks and a fake white beard, but an all-real belly that shook like a bowlful of jelly. His mission? Spreading buckness. Fail. Several more disasters followed Santa's suit, with a montage of unfortunate auditions. And then...

OMG, it's Jeanine Mason's little sister! Do the crazy skillz run in the Mason family or what? In a word, YES. Straight to Vegas for mini-Jeanine. Let's see if she can step out of her sister's shadow. (We'll help her by not calling her "Jeanine's sister" anymore... her name is Alexis.)

Switching gears, we meet hip hop dancer-slash-drummer Patty Anne Miller. Her fashion sense... her personality... and especially her incredible moves... LOVE! Turns out, she's also a full-scholarship graduate from the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Some people just get all the talent, man! It's Vegas time for Patty Anne.

Closing out the L.A. stop are sisters Natalia and Sasha Mallory, who perform a contemporary-slash-African duet. Both girls are fantastic, and though Natalia doesn't have Sasha's ideal dancer physique, she makes up for it big with heart and technique. Also, these two are mad cute together IRL! Anyway, both ladies move on to choreography (which is led by Katee Shean and Jakob Karr... nice!). Sasha goes through... and so does Natalia! Yes!

Well, there you have it, folks — our Vegas hopefuls have their plane tickets and wildest dreams in their hands. Next Wednesday night, we're off to the final rounds to see how they fare, before meeting our Top 20 on Thursday. Yippee! Don't forget to check back for our trusty recaps.