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Dancing With The Stars

Update! Did Maksim Chmerkovskiy Get Engaged on the Ukrainian Bachelor?

It's no secret that mega-hot Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy was recently Ukraine's first Bachelor, filming his potential love story in his homeland just before DWTS Season 12 started. But what about the outcome of his quest for love?

We've been following Maks' season of The Bachelor on YouTube. While we can't understand a word anyone is saying, it sure looks like Maks is engaged after the finale that aired on Thursday, June 2. Maks chose pretty Sasha over sweet Yana and put a ring on Sasha’s finger. Is it a serious engagement? That remains to be seen.

During DWTS Season 12, which only ended two weeks before the Bachelor finale, fans tried hard to get the engagement scoop out of Maks, but he pulled the kind of evasion typical of ABC's American Bachelors. When Wetpaint asked him if it's possible to find true love on a dating show, Maks said "I think it’s possible, yes. Depending on how true you stay to your emotions. [Laughs] But I can neither confirm nor deny that I found true love on the Ukrainian Bachelor, if that’s what you're asking."

The Insider was apparently intrigued. They talked to Maks about The Bachelor in late April.

The Insider: "How was the experience?"
Maks: "It was left in the Ukraine."
The Insider: "So no secret marriage or anything like that?"
Maks: "There are no secrets."

Actually, there are still tons of secrets. Like, what did he mean by leaving "it" in the Ukraine? Does that mean his love story with Sasha is already over?

Source: The Insider