New York City Auditioner Spotlight: Robert Taylor, Jr.
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So You Think You Can Dance

New York City Auditioner Spotlight: Robert Taylor, Jr.

We saw many great talents at the So You Think You Can Dance Brooklyn auditions, but Robert Taylor, Jr. really seemed to make a lasting impression on us (and not just because he was the final contestant of the night). After some thorough investigating (read: quick search on Google), we found out that Robert is quite the triple threat. Read on for deets...

At 30 years old, this is Robert's last chance to make the Top 20... but this isn't the first time he's tried his hand at the competition. The self-proclaimed "WoOoOo Man" auditioned back in Season 2, as well. What's more, Robert can sing, too! We're not talking "can carry a tune" either; this guy can really sing, as in Hollywood rounds in Season 3 of American Idol. Impressive!

In his spare time, Robert's done some stuff, like performing backup with Shakira at the 2007 VMAs, singing, dancing, and acting on the national tour of Hairspray in 2008, and performing for the late Michael Jackson back in 2002 at Webster Hall... you know, nothing special.

These days, the Coney Island native and Marymount Manhattan graduate is focused on SYTYCD, and we have a feeling it might be a good year for him. Nigel nailed it: "It's so good to see somebody put their personality into their dance." True that, but will his hip hop mastery and sense of humor be enough to snag one of the coveted Top 20 spots? We'll just have to wait and see... or, if you really want to know, you can find out by clicking here: SPOILER ALERT!

Either way, check out his awesome audition: