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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Cole Re-Hired, Then Re-Fired — Is It All Just a Publicity Stunt? 1.png

It’s not clear whether she’s still seriously dating Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough, but we do know Cheryl Cole has had quite the weekend in the media, culminating in this morning's announcement that she has been officially axed from her duties as a judge on The X Factor.

Britain’s sweetheart was originally announced as one of the judges on Simon Cowell’s upcoming American reboot of The X-Factor. Then she was reportedly dropped, for reasons ranging from lack of chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul, to not being happy on the show, to the heaviness of her Geordie accent. (For the record, we aren’t buying any of it.)

Over the weekend, Entertainment Weekly said there was a change of plans and Cheryl is now being offered a role on the show again, perhaps as a fifth judge. But hold that thought — because The Hollywood Reporter followed up with a report that Cheryl’s deal is officially back off.

A “high-level industry source” told THR that the show decided it was best to pay Cheryl the reported $1.5 million she was owed under her contract (whether she appeared on the show or not) and say goodbye. So she could get $1.5M for doing absolutely nothing — that’s our dream job!

THR’s sources say the producers didn’t want to pay out Cheryl’s contract and wanted to get her to quit. Reportedly, that was the rationale behind pushing her to return to the U.S. and leaking the news that she was being offered a job on the show again. But after The Powers That Be had a sit-down, a decision was reached to pay off Cheryl and end the drama.

But just this morning, an official statement from FOX confirmed what we already knew: Nicole Scherzinger will be taking Cheryl Cole's place as a judge on The X Factor.

Or so we think — at this point, who knows what the story will be tomorrow. Already some fans are suspicious that this is all just a big PR stunt to keep us talking about The X-Factor until its September premiere. We have to be honest — it’s working!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly