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Pretty Little Liars

Exclusive! PLL’s Sasha Pieterse: “There Are So Many Secrets We Haven’t Uncovered Yet”

When Pretty Little Liars returns on June 14, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) will be nowhere in sight. Since a body was discovered in Season 1, could it be that the book is finally closed on Ali’s death? Not so fast: Starlet Sasha Pieterse assures us that there’s still lots of drama coming up in Season 2.

Wetpaint caught up with Sasha Pieterse at the GBK MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge to get the scoop on the upcoming season. “A lot of old characters are coming back to Rosewood, so it will be interesting to see how the viewers respond to it,” Sasha teases of the season opener.

Viewers can expect the premiere to pick up exactly where the finale left off. “Everyone’s still kind of in shock mode. I think the first episode will give you a little relief, but not too much!” And rest assured: “I am back in the second episode,” Sasha says, putting to rest any doubts about her return. “Alison is such a big part of their story, and there are so many secrets that we haven’t uncovered yet. There’s a lot to unravel.”

If Sasha had her say, we’d be seeing a lot more of Alison’s sordid past. “I’d love to delve deeper into Alison’s family life, because you don’t really see that,” she says. “There are so many dark secrets in that family that it would be interesting to see how they unravel them.”

And as for that body? Sasha is leaving that up for the viewers to figure out. “They found a body. We don’t really know [whose it is], do we?” she muses. Only time will tell.