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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer Confirms Kelsey Only Wants Custody of His Son

Poor Camille Grammer. Yeah, we’ve been saying that more and more lately, but the housewife we all loved to hate is having a rough month (okay, year), and we feel pretty bad for her. Right now Cam is enmeshed in a horrible custody battle with ex Kelsey Grammer, but she’s trying to do the right thing!

While talking with Ryan Seacrest on his show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Camille confirmed the rumors that Kelsey filed for custody of son Jude but not daughter Mason.

"I can't really say too much but, yeah,” she said. “And there was another document released showing it. So there was proof that it was stated."

Camille could easily turn Kelsey into the bad guy (come on! Who files for custody of one child?), but she’s actually being very civil. And coming from the woman who held a season-long grudge over the word “insecure,” that’s saying a lot.

"I'm really trying to reach out to him, and I think it's really important for us to be cordial to one another to raise our children properly,” she told Seacrest. “And it's really, for me, it's all about our kids, and what's good for them, and stability, and to know that they're loved. Hopefully we'll work toward some type of agreement on this.”

Guess Camille really did learn How to Behave.

Source: E!, Radar Online