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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Most Swoon-Worthy Ricky Moments From the Secret Life Season Finale!

Aside from being a total sob fest, Monday night’s Secret Life of The American Teenager episode was a major swoon-athon. Ricky got his stud on, busted out his inner romantic and even managed to shed a bad-boy tear. Sigh! Let’s just say that in between wiping tears off our cheeks, we were wiping Ricky-induced drool off our chin.

Check out the five most swoon-worthy Ricky moments from Secret Life’s Season 3 finale!

We totes swooned when...

1. Ricky lifted up his shirt to reveal his abs.

We’re always on the look out for a Ricky ab-flash, but we hardly expected to catch a glimpse of his six pack during the tragic season finale! What better way to get your hysterical girlfriend to sex you up than casually flashing her your happy trail?


2. Ricky broke down crying.

Nothing’s more adorable than a stud shedding a tear. When Badrian’s baby died, all of Ricky’s repressed emotions came bubbling to the surface and exploded on his sexy chin dimples. Although Ricky’s sad face was mildly hilarious, we still wanted to reach into the screen and kiss the tears off his face. What? We’re just telling it like it is.

3. Ricky called Amy "gorgeous."

Ricky and Amy’s usual dynamic consists of Amy drooling all over him while he basically ignores her and occasionally tries to feel her up, but on Monday Sticky Ricky broke out his romantic side! How adorable was it when Ricky ran up to Amy in the hallway all, “Hey gorgeous!” He genuinely seemed thrilled to see her — and “thrilled” isn’t exactly an emotion Ricky is familiar with.

4. Ricky took Amy’s v-card, round II.

On Monday night, Ricky finally got a chance to do what the does best: bone. It’s been forever since this stud put his skills in the sack to use, and honestly we won’t be surprised if Ricky gets Amy pregnant again.

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