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Jersey Shore

A Gypsy Curses Snooki in Florence

Mamma mia! Yes, the rumors are true: A roving gypsy woman placed a curse on Snooki while the Jersey Shore star was trying to hawk pizza to unsuspecting tourists outside the O'Vesuvio, the pizza shop that so graciously offered the macaroni rascals summer jobs. Snooki was squawking on her pizzeria-issued megaphone, when a woman in a shady trench with a scarf tied around her head pointed at the guidette and spit a curse at her — yeah, as in a bona fide condemning of misfortune upon a victim. Why so hostile, lady? Maybe the gypsy didn't speak “WAH.”

Hilariously enough, she was pointing at Snooki's now-infamous hideous shaggy boots, which, frankly, at this point, deserve to be cursed. We hope they befall some sort of vermin infestation that forces Snooki to get rid of them.

No word on why the woman felt the need to bewitch our dear Snooki, but considering the pint-sized guidette continued yelling at her through the megaphone from approximately two feet away, we think it's safe to assume that being annoyed is reason enough to declare a pox on both Snooki's houses — in Florence and Seaside Heights. Hopefully the curse doesn't follow her stateside for Season 5, but if you hear news reports about a bizarre chlamydia epidemic afflicting Karma regulars this summer, don't be surprised.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

06.8.2011 / 10:13 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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