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True Blood

Sookie’s Summer Short Shorts: Get the Look!

Hot, sticky, and gross: That's the Louisiana bayou in the summer. But heat and humidity aren't the only reasons why the True Blood costume designers tend to put Sookie, Arlene, and the rest of the Bon Temps ladies in teeny tops and short-shorts. They’re not an easy look for anyone; both Anna Paquin and Carrie Preston have recently mentioned that it takes a whole lot of working out to fit into those shorts, which is a bit of a comfort to the rest of us.

You might not have access to Anna’s personal trainer or the ability to squeeze into what are essentially glorified panties made of denim, but shorts are a big trend this summer and regardless of your shape or style, you’ll be able to find a pair (or two) to work into your summertime wardrobe.

1. For an patterned look, try these cabbage rose print shorts. Cut Out Shorts, $228

2. Denim cutoffs go with anything. Low-rise denim shorts, $150

3. The budget pair looks just as good to us. Amythest Pocket Women’s Shorts, $22.95

4. Throw on a tee with a pair of olive green shorts with attached suspenders for a hip look. Cargo Shorts with Suspenders, $73.00

5. Cute sailor shorts with gold button detail have a summer nautical feel. Sailor Short, $49

6. These hotpants are sure to keep you cool clear through August. Moto Denim Hotpants, $66

7. Red denim is perfect for summer barbecues, or days on the beach . Moto Red Cutoffs, $55

8. Finally, a cute plaid pair you’ll wear everyday and within everybody’s budget. Women’s Plaid Cuffed Shorts, $12.99

06.8.2011 / 12:29 AM EDT by Ashley Friedman
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