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What Happens When Johanna Beckett’s Murder Is Solved?

The Johanna Beckett murder case is being carried over Season 4, and we're guessing it will be the last hurrah for this narrative arc. So then what happens?

We've written before how the JB mystery is strangely parallel to the Castle and Beckett romance. It's the one case that can't be solved too quickly and the one relationship that can't start too soon. In the finale, however, big moves were made on both fronts. Montgomery revealed his involvement with the case that's tormented Beckett, and Castle dropped the long-awaited "I love you." What goes on between Caskett is a whole universe unto itself, but it's interesting to think about what will become of the show once the other major storyline is resolved.

Obviously, not every episode has made mention of Beckett's mom, and we're sure the writers will continue to hold our interest with new plot developments. But this mystery has been part of the show since the very beginning. Johanna Beckett is, without a doubt, one of the most integral characters on Castle. This would be a second death of sorts. Deeeeeep.

What do you think? Will the show lose something once we know for sure who killed Johanna? Or are you looking forward to the show moving on? Tell us on Facebook!