Nan Flanagan’s Secret Life of Leather
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True Blood

Nan Flanagan’s Secret Life of Leather

Vampire boss Nan Flanagan won’t turn out to be a big old softie, says Jessica Tuck (Nan).

“I think for Nan it's — what's that expression? — ’her way or the highway,’” Jessica tells E! Online. “I think she likes to have things go her way. I don't know that she's necessarily very flexible. When the vampires do what she wants them to do she's very happy and when someone strays from the plan, she's less than happy about that. At times she feels like she's working with these vampires, and sometimes she feels likes she's working against them.”

You mean they won’t be a big happy bloodsucking family? Color us shocked.

While politician Nan may display a bit more decorum than the other vamps, it seems she’s still an Anthony Weiner-style scandal waiting to happen. “Nan keeps her clothes on. You're not going to see her deeply entangled in flesh. That doesn't mean she doesn't have her side like every other vampire. I think how she was discovered in the limousine last year as Russell Edgington rips the spine out of the newscaster, and she came up from having enjoyed herself with a young lady, that's certainly not beyond Nan, to enjoy herself.”

Which is probably pretty much how Weiner justified whipping out his camera. Watch your step, Nan.

We’ll learn a bit more about who Nan is when she’s not trying to convince humans she can play nice. “I spend a lot more time out from behind the camera, [dropping] my spokesperson personality. I'm much more the Nan everyone loves to hate. I spend a lot more time in my black leather than I do my nice suits. Let's put it that way.”

Seriously, what it is with vampires and leather? When we’ve had a long hard day, we don’t relax by taking off our suit and putting on a leather catsuit. But then, we sweat.

Source: E! Online

06.9.2011 / 09:50 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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