The Five Worst Song Performances from Season 2 of Glee
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The Five Worst Song Performances from Season 2 of Glee

There have been so many fabulous performances on Glee that it can seem a little unfair to single out the handful of flops. But not every song can be great, just like not every British Invasion band from the ‘60s can be the The Beatles. Someone has to be Freddie and the Dreamers. So check out our list of the five least memorable Glee songs from Season 2, and tell us in the comments where we went wrong!

5. “Empire State of Mind” by New Directions

(Season 2, Episode 1: “Audition”)

Let’s just say there’s a reason there’s only one Jay-Z. Not everyone can win over Beyonce, and thus not everyone can pull off lines about how he “used to cop in Harlem, all of my Dominicanos.” Or at least Finn is not the guy to try those lines. Puck and Mercedes make entertaining contributions, but it was hard for anyone’s dignity to remain intact during this song, especially with everyone sporting those cringe-worthy wallet chains. We don’t know who would want to hear lily-white Finn singing about his “stash spot,” but it certainly isn’t us.

4. “Sway” by Will

(Season 2, Episode 8: “Furt”)

The great thing about this wedding episode had been the distinct lack of obvious wedding music (no “At Last,” no “Chicken Dance”). That is, until Schue started belting out Buble. Sure, Will does an okay job with it (and we even get to see him catch the mic stand in midair with his foot, which takes a natural showman). But not even Burt hamming it up could save this dull take on Michael Buble’s cheeseball cover of the mambo standard. This is the kind of song choice that makes wedding guests thankful for that open bar.

3. “Turning Tables” by Holly Holliday

(Season 2, Episode 17: “A Night of Neglect”)

There’s no question we’re gonna miss Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly) something fierce, but choosing this as her swan song is kinda like how Orson Welles’s final movie was the critically reviled Transformers animated movie from the mid-’80s. (Read: Not the best way to go out.) Her rendition is serviceable, but “serviceable” isn’t really going to cut it when you’re being compared to the unbelievably powerful and emotive vocals of Adele, who might have the most memorable voice of her generation.

2. “I Don’t Want to Know” by Quinn and Finn

(Season 2, Episode 19: “Rumours”)

The songs chosen from the album “Rumours” really made us feel something — with the exception of this number, that is. Finn and Quinn have very little chemistry during the song, and their petty, jealous bickering just reminds us of how ridiculous it is that these two are even still together. Saying that Finn and Quinn needed to give their relationship one more chance is like saying that you don’t know if a new Nicholas Cage movie is any good until you see it for yourself. (Face it — it’s not going to be good.)

1. “Friday” by Puck, Artie, and Sam

(Season 2, Episode 20: “Prom Queen”)

Was there any doubt as to what the season’s worst performance would be? Granted, the glee guys did their best to have fun with it, but calling this a decent version of “Friday” is like saying you drive a really tricked-out Yugo. (Translation: A Yugo is still a Yugo.)

Props to Puck for gamely barking out lyrics that somehow rhyme the words “bowl” and “cereal.” (A note to Rebecca Black: Just because Emily Dickinson used near-rhymes doesn’t mean you can.) Still, Glee’s “Friday” reminds us of watching a star athlete deliver a solid game despite a hurt ankle — you just imagine how great they would be without the impediment. Then again, it’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones who struggle with whether to sit in the front or back seat. Life can be so tough sometimes.

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