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True Blood

Lauren Bowles Dishes Holly, Witches and Season 4 – Exclusive!

Are you dying to know the difference between witches and Wiccans? Check out Wetpaint’s exclusive interview with True Blood’s sexiest witch/Wiccan (witchcan?), Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Cleary! Get ready, fan(g) girls, according to Lauren we’re in for one crazy season ....

Wetpaint: We know True Blood spoilers are kept under lock and key, but can you tell us about what’s coming up for Holly next season?

Lauren Bowles: Well, as you know it’s the season of the witch, so there’s lots to be expected on that front. It’s also been reported than Fiona Shaw has been cast and she is so phenomenal. She’s been such an absolute dream, treat and gift to work with, it’s just been unbelievable. Obviously, I can’t say much, but it is such an off-the-hook season, I can’t even tell you. Fans will not be dissapointed, I can say that with certainty.

What is the difference between witches and Wiccans in True Blood?

It’s basically the religion that’s being practiced. There’s really no difference. You’re a Wiccan, you’re a witch — it’s all sort of the same thing. It’s not really differentiated. There are witch-like powers that you can harness using the Wiccan religion.

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Holly tried to help Arlene get rid of her evil baby, will she continue to be involved in Arlene and Terry’s life next season?

They all work together at Merlotte’s so there’s a complete friendship there for sure. They’re absolutely in each other’s lives.

Waitressing at Merlotte’s is a risky business — will Holly live to tell about it?

It’s true, the body count on those waitresses sort of keeps adding up! I don’t know if that has to do with Merlotte’s itself, because everyone else that works there seems to make it out just fine. Fingers crossed that I make it as well. As you know on this show, absolutely anything is possible!

As witches take over Bon Temps, will Holly become more powerful?

She is absolutely practicing her powers a lot, that’s for sure.

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Holly and Tara went to a support group together last season, will we learn more about Holly’s past and will she continue her friendship with Tara?

She absolutely continues her friendship with Tara. She gets more integrated into all of Bon Temps life. We also learn a little bit about her personal life, I would say.

Were you a fan of True Blood before you were cast on the show?

I confess I didn’t know so much about the books, but I was an absolute avid fan when I auditioned for it. I’m really the hugest Alan Ball fan. I love his writing. As an actor it’s so rare that you get writing like that, starting with American Beauty and Six Feet Under. He was really the biggest appeal of the whole show for me, so getting to meet him and working for him was a dream come true.

How did you get the part of Holly? We hear Alan is at every singe audition.

He is, he was absolutely there. I got this audition for a recurring possible series regular, so I thought, "Oh well, this is such a huge job that it will go to a famous person, because the show is such a hit." I said, "Alright — my goal is to just do a really great job, just so they’ll be like, 'We’ll bring her back for a guest spot.'" I went and worked really hard on it, and was just so nervous to meet Alan. He couldn’t have been more charming or nice. And Lesli Linka Glatter was the director at the time, who I knew, so it was sort of nice to have her in the room. When I got the call that I got it, I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked in my life, actually!

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Are you Team Eric or Team Bill?

Before I was on the show I was probably Team Bill, just because it seems like it’s meant to be. But now being on the show, I’m more split. I’m more 50-50 now. I’m about as torn as Sookie is!

Who’s your biggest True Blood character crush?

I think I’ve gotta go with my Jason. He is crazy lovable and the six-pack don’t hurt either. Actually, I think Ryan [Kwanten] has an eight-pack.

If you could be any True Blood supernatural, who would you be?

That’s a good question, I was almost going to say Sookie, because I’d love a chance to read peoples’ minds. But then you live through it with her and it’s a curse as well. There are some things you just do not want to know. And being able to morph into animals, like a bird, would be cool as well. It’s a tough one, but I think I’m going to go with the mind-reading.

We love hearing stories from the set! Can you tell us your fave behind-the-scenes moment?

There are lots of late nights because there’s so much night shooting. So the later it gets and the longer the day goes, people just get wackier and wackier. So it’s just hilarious, the juxtaposition of this very intense bloody show, and if you could see the set it couldn’t be more the opposite. No one is super Method-y, it’s really quite the opposite. We’re in these wild locations and lots of mayhem ensues.

We hear that you love interior decorating and landscaping. Do you do this just for pleasure, or are you interested in it as a career path?

Not so much a career path, but it’s certainly something I love doing. I’m absolutely the friend amongst all my friends, where if someone’s like: “I need to work out a room come help me,” I figure out colors, I get the paint and I let them know what they can get that’s affordable! I love that world, I love making spaces like an oasis. I moved in my first house last year, so we’ve been there about a year and setting it all up was so much fun and so gratifying.

Any new projects in the works?

No, I’m just looking forward to hanging out a bunch while we’re on hiatus. I look forward to taking a couple months off and hanging out with my babe and my garden. That’s my plan. A couple months is usually the length of time when I start getting itchy and I say, “Now what?”

You were in Seinfeld. What was it like to be involved in such an important comedy, and to work alongside your sister, Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

Seinfeld was amazing. It’s actually how I got my SAG card. It’s just incredible to see that oiled machine work. I was in college when [Julia] first started, and I’d always come out on my Christmas vacations to stay with her. So I did really see it grow from this little show that had a cult following to the very end when it was just this absolute mega hit. Let’s just say the catering got a lot better! Working on it was phenomenal. Larry David is hilarious and so generous to keep having me on. I think I did about eight episodes. It’s not like I ever had so much to do on the show, but I would just hang out and watch them all rehearse and it was fascinating to watch the whole process between not just the actors, but the writers as well. It was really fantastic.

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