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Skins Cast Will Miss Fans But Not MTV

MTV has cancelled Skins US, and the only people more bummed than all of us are the show's stars. They tweeted their thanks to fans and, at least in one case, cursed MTV. Apparently the network alerted the press before letting the cast know about the cancellation. Stay classy, MTV!

Wow, we’re going to miss these guys. Here are some of the goodbye tweets from the Skins US cast:

Sblackdelia (Sofia Black D'Elia) Thank you guys so much for the support. It was an amazing experience all around, and all we can do is be lucky we were apart of it. And, of course, thank you to MTV for not even having the decency to tell us before telling the internet. We will not miss you. Seriously, though, I really love you guys and can't thank you enough. Let's stick together till the next chapter.

Camillecm (Camille Crescencia-Mills) so much love for all the fans that were there at the beginning and are here at the end! thanks for a great season :)

Rachelmct (Rachel Thevenard) Thank you to all those who supported the show. I had so much fun doing it and made lifelong friends. Unfortunately, we will not be back for a second season. These things happen. I will not forget the support our fans showed us. Thank you <3

DannyFlaherty_ (Danny Flaherty) I'm sorry to all our fans out there. Mtv skins has not been reknewed for a second season. The show has been cancelled. Thank you for all the support while it lasted. You guys have been awesome. Im sorry for the bad news. :(

Ron_mustafaa (Ron Mustafaa) Thank you everybody, you guys were awesome. So much love and support. We really appreciate it. Thank you to @bcelsley for this amazing opp. love you guys, lets stick together. Greatest Cast and Crew in the world. SKINS

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06.10.2011 / 03:51 AM EDT by David Connell
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