R.I.P. Skins US: An Obituary for a Show That Was Gone Too Soon
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R.I.P. Skins US: An Obituary for a Show That Was Gone Too Soon

Put on your best black furry Russian hat, throw Starscream’s “Shout” onto your iPod (if it’s not on there already), and choose your mind-eraser of choice, because we’re having a funeral, Skins style.

There was sex. There were drugs. There was (some truly awesome) rock ‘n’ roll. Was it realistic? Who cares? It was fun as hell, and we had a blast watching every week. Without apology, here’s our eulogy for the show that offended everyone from the PTC to Taco Bell. We’ll miss ya, buddies!

Smokin ‘Bbud
Say what you will about the resident horndog, Abbud made us laugh. From his strip search on the way into Canada (when we all learned never to hide a bomb up our asses) to finally getting some (way to take one for the team, Daisy), we couldn’t help but love him. Unfortunately for him, Tea didn’t quite feel the same way as us.

Crazy for Cadie
Would any teen drama be complete without the cute kinda crazy girl who pill pops her way into rehab? Cadie was equal parts sweet, sad, and downright scary, her insights sometimes cryptic, but we always got the feeling she knew exactly what was going down, vacant expressions and all.

A Chris is just a Chris
Chris had 99 problems, and, well, Tina was one. While he certainly partied his pants off, Chris’ sensitive side made us protective of him. It’s not like we wanted him to find a nice girl and settle down or anything, but dude deserves better than a tree house, right?

Deflowering Daisy
A brassy babe with serious trumpet skills, Daisy kept the clique together by fixing their messes, and slung sandwiches with the best of ‘em, not to mention getting all friends-with-benefits with Abbud. If you’re the mood for a heart-to-heart, Daisy’s one of the few who would offer a shoulder to cry on instead of a bag of party favors. Nice.

Eura Vision
Though her high points in the season were puking on Daisy’s floor and pouring milk on herself, Eura was also the one character who could bring out Tony’s softer side. We’re bummed we’ll never find out exactly what she was up to the other 364 days of the year.

Can we get a “‘Chelle yeah”?
She may be able to totally kick a dude’s (or chick’s) ass while still rocking high heels (or flats) and a mini, but everyone’s got their weakness, and Michelle’s kryptonite is Tony. While she may be trusting, you can’t fool her twice, and once she’s been crossed, you’re done. One friend you don’t want to lose.

Manly Stanley
Starting out with only puppy-dog eyes for Michelle and moving to not-quite doing it with Cadie, Stanley was the omega-male with the messed up love life, home life, and almost jail life. But he got his wished-for moments with both the babes and ended everything on a high note when he sang “Shout” on stage with Cadie.

Tea Adoro
Basically, Tea didn’t know who the hell she was, and that caused her to hurt almost every one of her friends. We waffled between wanting to emulate the tough, cool chick and wanting to smack her for falling for Tony’s BS. Oh, Tea, you stereotypical badass chick with the marshmallow center, you.

Tony, Tony, Tony
A well-dressed bad boy with an Eddie Haskell — look him up, kids — complex, Tony screwed and screwed over even more people than Tea. Would those finale-episode tears wash away his d-bag tendencies? Doubtful, but we’re guessing he’d learn to keep things on the DL.

Thanks for the memories, Skinmates!

06.11.2011 / 03:55 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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