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America's Next Top Model

Franca Sozzani Laughs at ANTM Contestants’ Tears

It's not like Franca Sozzani is some heartless cow who enjoys others' pain and suffering — after all, don't we all feel a devilish twinge of guilty satisfaction when the ANTM contestants cry? It's part of why we love the drama of reality TV, right? Watching skinny, beautiful girls cry over their pretty people problems.

Franca recently hung out in a makeshift Vogue office for a daylong "Vogue Experience" event at Harvey Nichols in London, where the department store transformed its fourth floor to replicate Franca's office at Vogue. She brushed elbows with fellow fashion mag bigwigs, designers, and journalists to answer questions for the fashion industry's up-and-comers.

So when New York asked the Vogue-editor-turned-ANTM-judge-and-benefactor what it was like to team up her prestigious publication with America's Next Top Model, Franca, who has come out in the past pooh-poohing the show, dished on the silliness of it all: "When I was there — to see these girls, they all cry when one is the winner. And they all go to the winner and they kiss her and they all cry, and I think, 'I am not sure they are happy for her.' But at the same time I know they are happy they have made it that far all together, so it makes me laugh and not cry at the least."

Zing! Well, we all knew those weren't tears of happiness for the winner from the other contestants, but all of those mock displays of congratulations are kind of absurd. Especially when they're juxtaposed against a confessional shot of a hungry, cranky model giving a deadpanned admission of defeat, while looking completely ridic in whatever get-up Tyra had her sewn into for the final fashion show.

We can't help but notice, though, that Franca seems to mock ANTM a lot. Wonder what Tyra thinks of her collaborator remarking to the press on what a joke the show is!

Source: New York

06.13.2011 / 11:45 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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