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The Bachelor

Revealed! Official Bachelor Pad 2 Cast List — Plus 3 Mystery Men

The cast of Bachelor Pad Season 2 has already been spoiled, unspoiled, and respoiled so many times it’s now damaged goods and therefore perfect for public consumption. ABC gave Entertainment Weekly the official scoop on Monday, revealing 15 of the 18 cast members, leaving three spaces blank for Ashley Hebert’s rejects from The Bachelorette Season 7. (Bentley Williams, perhaps?)

The only real surprise from his this cast this list is the addition of Ella Nolan from Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor. ABC says she’s still upset about being dumped by Jake and she comes to the show having just ended her own engagement. Dang! Talk about a disastrous perfect BP2 get.

Read on for the full cast list and contestant deets...

The Women


GIA ALLEMAND (The Bachelor Season 14, Jake Pavelka)

After falling for Wes Hayden (Jillian Harris’s season) on last season’s Bachelor Pad, Gia returns to the pad to face former Bachelor bestie Vienna Girardi who was rumored to have come between her and the aspiring country singer. She’ll be thankful to have an ally in Vienna’s ex Jake with whom she’s formed a friendship.

Occupation: Model, Age: 26, Residence: New York, NY

HOLLY DURST (The Bachelor Season 12, Matt Grant)

Holly was engaged to fellow Bachelor Pad season 2 contestant, Michael Stagliano, until she broke off the engagement only to realize she’d made a mistake. Just days after the break-up, she ran back to Michael, but it was too late; he could no longer trust her. Now living in the pad, looks like Holly’s ready for a rebound.

Occupation: Children’s Book Author, Age: 28, Residence: Hollywood, CA

VIENNA GIRARDI (The Bachelor Season 14, Jake Pavelka)

Now dating Kasey Kahl (Ali Fedotowsky’s season), Vienna has since moved on from her messy break-up with Jake and their infamous post-breakup TV face-off. Not only will she have to face Jake again in the pad, but she must also confront Gia (Jake’s season) about their recent history of (alleged) betrayal.

Occupation: Unemployed, Age: 25, Residence: Los Angeles

JACKIE GORDON (The Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack)

Jackie is the girl next door who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s ready for love and will get along well with the guys, but will watch her back when it comes to her fellow Season 15 contestant Michelle Money whom she doesn’t trust.

Occupation: Assistant Teacher, Age: 27, Residence: New York, NY

The Men

GRAHAM BUNN (The Bachelorette Season 4, DeAnna Pappas)

Graham is known as the hot heartbreaker from DeAnna Pappas’s season who didn’t reciprocate her feelings for him. Someone’s liable to fall for him (and be hurt by him) again!

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Age: 32, Residence: New York, NY

KIRK DEWINDT (The Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky)

Kirk’s dad, a taxidermist, gave Ali a tour of his basement to show off his work. Bad move. Shortly thereafter, he was dismissed. Kirk joins the pad with friend and ally, Kasey (Ali’s season).

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Age: 27, Residence: Minneapolis, MN

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KASEY KAHL (The Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky)

Kasey is known for getting a tattoo on his wrist to signify to Ali how he’ll “guard and protect” her heart. These days, his affection (and protecting power) belongs to fellow BP2 contestant and girlfriend, Vienna (Jake’s season). There may be eight other guys he’ll have to contend with, but only one guy he must best — Jake.

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Philanthropist, Age: 27, Residence: Clovis, CA

JAKE PAVELKA (The Bachelor Season 14)

Jake returns to the franchise and will see Season 14 winner and ex Vienna for the first time since their televised post-breakup face-off. But this time, Vienna’s new man, Kasey (Ali’s season), will be by her side — and he’s no fan of Jakey.

Occupation: Pilot, Age: 33, Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Credit: WENN    

MICHELLE MONEY (The Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack)

Michelle may be known as the manipulative seductress who may or may not have given herself a black eye from Brad’s season, but we’re pretty sure the men won’t mind having her pretty face around the pad sharing the pad with her.

Occupation: Hairstylist, Age: 30, Residence: Salt Lake City, UT

ELLA NOLAN (The Bachelor Season 14, Jake Pavelka)

Single mom Ella is still quite upset with Jake for sending her home during a two-on-one date. At once engaged to be wed, she comes to the pad fresh off of having called off her wedding.

Occupation: Hairstylist, Age: 31, Residence: Nashville, TN

ERICA ROSE (The Bachelor Season 9, Lorenzo Borghese)

Erica’s outspokenness proved to be a turn-off for Lorenzo, but whether she’s in it for love or money, Erica will do anything! With friends Vienna and Kasey by her side, she might just get what she wants.

Occupation: Student, Age: 28, Residence: Houston, TX

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

MELISSA SCHREIBER (The Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack)

Referred to as “the cougar” by her fellow Season 15 castmates, Melissa is also known for her heated argument with Raichel Goodyear early on in Brad’s season.

Occupation: Waitress, Age: 32, Residence: Boca Raton, FL

ALLI TRAVIS (The Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack)

After telling Brad she had trouble picturing herself marrying her previous boyfriend, Brad told Alli he felt the same way about her. Ouch! Needless to say, shortly thereafter, she was dismissed.

Occupation: Buyer, Age: 25, Residence: Columbus, OH


JUSTIN “RATED-R” REGO (The Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky)

Justin walked off Ali’s season when she confronted him about the voice messages he’d left for his girlfriend back home. Since then he’s made our list of Biggest Jerks in Bachelorette History. Congrats, Rated-R.

Occupation: Sales, Age: 27, Residence: Toronto, Canada

MICHAEL STAGLIANO (The Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris)

The wounds from his break-up with ex-fiancé and fellow Bachelor Pad contestant, Holly Durst, are still fresh. Michael must not only contend with 17 other contestants, but he also faces the prospects of Holly dating other guys.

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Age: 27, Residence: Sherman Oaks, CA

MYSTERY MAN #1 (The Bachelorette Season 7, Ashley Hebert)

MYSTERY MAN #2 (The Bachelorette Season 7, Ashley Hebert)

MYSTERY MAN #3 (The Bachelorette Season 7, Ashley Hebert)

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