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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Hanna Will Have a House Guest Next Season

The Marins are quite the hospitable family. They let Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) crash at their house last season, and next season they'll be inviting more people to stay. Ashley Benson (Hanna) told Entertainment Weekly, “Let’s just say Hanna’s home life is going to change a lot and someone will be moving in… It could be my dad, it could be a boy, it could be a girl.”

We know Hanna’s dad will be back and is presumably living in her house, but we have another guess, too. Based on Ashley's clue, we're going to assume Emily (Shay Mitchell) is staying with her, since Shay confirmed that her character is moving somewhere — even if it's within Rosewood. Plus, awhile ago, “A” texted fans a clue about Season 2 hinting that two people would live together. "A new Rosewood duo this summer? Roomies should have similar interests… -A.” We think it's about two little liars, and Hanna and Em would make the most sense.

We’re eager to see who actually stays with the Marins and if these house guests will work out, but with “A” around, there’s no way things can go smoothly.

Source: Entertainment Weekl