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The Bachelorette

Vote Now! Do You Think Season 7 Contestant Ryan Park Is the Real Deal?

A lot of the guys on The Bachelorette Season 7 are not that into Ryan Park. But it doesn’t matter if they think he’s annoyingly happy — it’s not like this is summer camp. The objective isn’t to make lifelong friends, it’s to see if you have a love connection with that chick Ashley Hebert. So if Ashley likes Ryan P., who cares about the guys?

Unless he’s being fake. By Episode 4, Mr. Sunshine starts giving some folks the Jake the Fake vibe, the kind of smarminess the future Season 14 Bachelor oozed when he was just a wee contestant on Jillian Harris’s The Bachelorette Season 5. But is it fair to tar Ryan with Jake’s brush just because he’s peppy and uses a lot of stock phrases about love and happiness and stuff bursting out of his chest?

It does raise some questions from ye ole cynics who have been burned before. Such as: Do you think Ryan meant it when he told Ashley — twice — that he really wanted her as the Bachelorette and he was so happy to be there with her? Do you think pulling her aside — twice — during the group date this week is his way of playing the game? We’re wary of being naive, a la Ashley with Bentley Williams, so if the guys are warning her against Ryan (like Michelle Money did with Mr. Bad News), should we be rooting against him?

You tell us...

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06.15.2011 / 01:02 AM EDT by Semhar Debessai
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