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The Secret Circle

6 Things You Need to Know About The Secret Circle’s Thomas Dekker

Who plays Adam Conant, that witchy heartthrob with a burnin’ crush on Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson)? That would be the supernaturally suave Thomas Dekker. Want to know more about Secret Circle star? Read on!

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1. One of his biggest roles was Zach on Heroes — ‘memba Hayden Panettiere’s best friend with the headphones permanently around his neck? But it was also short-lived: Thomas left the hit series after only 12 episodes, primarily due to a mini-kerfuffle over a plan for his formerly straight character to come out. Showrunner Bryan Fuller blamed the disappearance — and “straightwashing” — of Zach on Thomas.

But Thomas has no problem playing gay, and he set the record straight on MySpace: “I would like it to be known by everyone, that I have played a gay character three times before in my career, one when I was 12 (which is on YouTube), one when I was 15, and another when I was 17. [...] What transpired on heroes is something far more complicated than anyone being ‘afraid’ to make Zach homosexual. The character that I created in the beginning of the show, a process I take very seriously, was based on Zach being an outcast who had a burning love for Claire, a crush that drew him to her and effected every ounce of his self esteem around her. I created the character that way because it was WRITTEN IN THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT that he was in love with Claire.” Thomas wasn’t opposed, just annoyed that the writers were poised to change Zach in a fundamental and seemingly abrupt way.

2. He can sing and act... just like the rest of young Hollywood. Thomas started writing and producing his own "electrofolk" music when he was 16. He released his first album, Psyanotic, in 2008, and he’s currently working on a second called Protean.

3. He was destined to act. Born into a family of entertainers — his mother is a concert pianist, acting coach, actress, and singer; and his father was an artist, set designer, opera singer, and actor (he passed away in 2010) — Thomas Dekker got an early start in acting. At age 6, the dark-haired cutie became a soap star, making his debut in The Young and the Restless. He has said, “I love acting because it's an artistic way to release the million different personalities I have in my head.”

We hope this isn’t one of those aforementioned “personalities”:

4. Thomas has a sliver of a criminal past. Although he has avoided the child star curse (here’s lookin’ at you, LiLo), Tom hasn’t led a fully squeaky-clean life. On October 15, 2009, he hit a 17-year old cyclist training for a race on a freeway on-ramp. Almost charged with two counts of felony DUI, he ended up getting off easy — with a $300 fine, two years of informal probation, and a 12-hour alcohol education class — when it came out that the cyclist was at fault.

5. Thomas has the same name as a 17th-century British poet. If you want to learn more about the guy, eat your heart out.

6. Tom has worked with Tyler Shields. Just watch:

06.16.2011 / 05:19 AM EDT by Laura Case
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