Lacey Schwimmer Releases New Single, “Love Soundz”
Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images    
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Dancing With The Stars

Lacey Schwimmer Releases New Single, “Love Soundz”

Lady GaGa better watch her wig, because dancing queen Lacey Schwimmer has just released her debut single, “Love Soundz” on It’s a high-octane dance track with some heavy distortion, but we kinda love it — congrats, Lacey!

It’s no secret that we heart the So You Think You Can Dance veteran and fierce Dancing With the Stars pro. She rocks. And, really, the song is catchy and fun. She gave the world premiere to Ryan Seacrest’s site, but “Love Soundz” hits iTunes on June 21.

Ryan said Lacey told him singing has been her other musical passion since she was a kid and it’s “crazy” that she is finally getting a chance to do both. As for secret DWTS hookups? “It’s hard not to get it on with all that bumpin’ n’ grindin’ 24/7″ Lacey said, but she wouldn’t drop names: "I don’t want to get in any trouble.”

Yeah, and because she’s supposedly one of them! According to an Us Weekly cover story that was released during DWTS Season 12, Lacey got it on with her partner Mike Catherwood and it helped end both of the relationships they already had going at the time.

As the story goes, “Lacey had a boyfriend [DJ Guthrie] but they broke up right before Week 1 of the show. Mike also had a girlfriend, but she supposedly didn’t like seeing the scantily-clad Lacey rub up against Mike as they danced. However, even though Mike & Lacey lost their pre-show loves, they are no longer seeing each other. The story claims their “fling” has already fizzled.

Sometimes love soundz fade quickly, right? Anyway, listen to the track and tell us what you think!