Lauren Alaina Nearly Had a Wardrobe Malfunction When She Met Justin Bieber
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American Idol

Lauren Alaina Nearly Had a Wardrobe Malfunction When She Met Justin Bieber

From the way she sings, it’s easy to forget American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina is just a regular teenage girl... until you hear her geek out about meeting Justin Bieber. The Boot caught up with Lauren recently, asking her everything from those Scotty McCreery dating rumors, to her thoughts on her single “Like My Mother Does,” to her close encounter of the Bieber kind. Here are the highlights.

On meeting Justin Bieber:

“… I was a little bit nervous to meet him; I think everyone's nervous to meet Justin Bieber! I was like, ‘He's going to think I'm crazy!’ I walked up to him, and I realized my dress had ripped. So I turned to my manager and said, ‘Michelle, my dress is ripped!’ And right then, he walked up to us and introduced himself, while I was looking at my dress. So it was good, because it wasn't like I was looking at him and drooling! [laughs] It worked out!

On playing the Grand Ole Opry:

“You can ask anybody back there, I was having a stroke! I was so nervous. It's very rare that I get nervous before a performance, especially to the point where I don't even want to talk. I was so scared, I thought I was going to be sick. I have dreamed about that place since I was a little girl. I finally got to sing there, and it shocked me because it happened so fast.”

On the first time she heard “Like My Mother Does”:

“I had quite a few songs to choose between, but when they played me that song I just started crying. Then my mama came in, and she started to cry, too. So I was like, "Alright, I guess I've got to do it!" It's a beautiful song. My mom went through the whole process with me, and I got all the attention. And Miss Judy [Scotty's mom], too! I give credit to our moms because they went through everything we went through. They didn't get sleep like we didn't get sleep, they were just as stressed as we were. So it's good that I could sing that for them. It was hard [not to cry]! Especially when my mom cried ... It was the finale, so I tried to hold it in as much as possible!”

On those rumors that she’s dating Scotty McCreery:

“I asked for it! [laughs] I kissed him on live TV! So I can't get annoyed when I did that. It's my fault. I was just excited and happy for him. We're friends, like brother and sister. It wasn't like [fakes a deep, sultry voice], "Come here and let me lay a smooch on you!" [laughs]”
Head over to The Boot for the rest of the interview!

Source: The Boot

06.17.2011 / 01:00 AM EDT by David Connell
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