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Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo: ”Derek Has a Right to Be Pissed”

In a relatively immature move for the typically calm and endlessly patient Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Mer's other half quietly walked off to the non-house in the woods during the season finale, leaving Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) to think about what she had done (re: Alzheimertrialgate). Of course, he accidentally condemned her to single motherhood in the process of taking off and radio silencing her via refusing to pick up his phone, but we'll see the consequences of that play out next season.

Ellen recently dished to TV Line that she felt like Derek had a point, saying, "Listen, what Meredith did clearly crossed a line. Derek has a right to be pissed." But, at the same time, she says, Derek chose to be with someone who he knew had a moral middle ground very different from his black and white perspectives of right and wrong. "It’s who Meredith is, and Derek should understand that," she adds.

So what does Ellen think of Derek's behavior? Get it together, McDreamy. "I think Derek should feel wronged for a second," she admits, "but then he needs to get over it, quick!" Duh, there are adopted African babies in the picture, Derek! Quit pouting!

Source: TV Line