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The Bachelor

Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers! Which Eliminated Couple Just Spent a Weekend Together?

*Spoiler alert* If you don’t want to read any Bachelor Pad OR Bachelorette spoilers, run off and read this other cool stuff.


The Bachelor Pad 2 premiere is more than a month away and Jackie Gordon is already surprising the heck out of us. First we see her on a date with Jake Pavelka and now Reality Steve says she and her fellow Pad-mate, Ames Brown, just spent a weekend together in Napa.

Jackie and Ames, eh? Brad Womack’s castoff meets Ashley Hebert’s future dumpee. Interesting. Does that mean Jake is not in love with Jackie? Who is his “lucky” girl? Ella Nolan?

Here are more interesting BP2 tidbits from Steve’s blog:

“Filming wraps up later this week and I’m hoping to have the spoilers sometime next week. We’ll see. I’m hearing A LOT of interesting things already, but as you know, I like to present everything in one nice bow for everyone so it’s all there for you to read. Drama, hooking up, conflict, a repeat challenge, and it looks like it’s gonna be the same format of people ‘coupling’ up to get to the end. Who are those ‘couples’? You’ll have to wait just a bit longer. However, I can give you this bit of information. Two people that were already eliminated just spent this past weekend together in Napa, and apparently its already getting hot and heavy between these two. I mean sh**, it must be if they couldn’t even wait until the show was done taping to see each other again. Ames and Jackie were eliminated already from the show, but that didn’t stop them from staying at the Carneros Inn in Napa Valley this past weekend. I’m guessing if you’re taking a chick you just met to Napa for the weekend, it’s not for dinner and conversation. Well, that could be included too but lets be honest about what this weekend excursion was about. Especially considering we know how much of a conversationalist Ames ISN’T. So congrats to our two new love birds formed from Bachelor Pad, and we can officially cross Ames off our possible next Bachelor list, like some of you seemed to assume after last week’s episode. Ain’t happening.”

Source: Reality Steve

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