Where Are They Now: Theo Alexander
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True Blood

Where Are They Now: Theo Alexander

Oh, Talbot. How we miss your eye for fashion and love for strip-chess. You’ll live forever in our hearts, and if we had a giant crystal punch bowl, we’d totally stick some jello in it and refer to it as “Tata.”

Even though Talbot’s a dead pile of vampire goo, Theo Alexander (the actor who played him) is alive and well. Theo’s hasn’t been around for that long, but he’s managed to only take on roles where the characters have ridiculously amazing and vaguely evil-sounding names — Manousos, Stavros, Maurizio, Milton, and Damascus, to name a few. Wow, all those guys would fit in perfectly in Bon Temps.

So, what’s Theo up to these days? He just wrapped up work on Should’ve Been Romeo, a romantic comedy set starring the likes of Kelly Osbourne, which is set to hit theaters in 2012. He also lent his talents to Love and Let Die, where he plays a “seducer” who reconnects with his childhood love. Yeah, we can totally see that.

We’re happy that Theo is busy at work, but we miss him on True Blood! Is Talbot really gone? Not necessarily. When asked by Movie Line last year if we’d ever see Talbot again, Theo said, “Well, we may do something in Season 4.”

Cross your fangs that the witches bring Talbot back from the dead!

Source: Movie Line / IMDb

06.22.2011 / 03:41 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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