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So You Think You Can Dance

Best in Performance: Danny Tidwell

There's no doubt that Season 3 was a fan favorite among So You Think You Can Dance enthusiasts, yet we've been neglecting this year a bit. To make up for our rudeness, today we're looking back at Season 3 runner-up, Danny Tidwell, who was undoubtedly one of the most talented contestants to ever grace the SYTYCD stage.

These days, Danny's the Artistic Director of Movmnt Magazine and a soloist dancer with Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo. Yep, we're impressed.

Here are our top three performances from Travis Wall's older bro...

3. "Are You The One?" by Mia Michaels

This intense number featuring Danny and Neil Haskell was one of our faves from the season. Seriously, two super hotties clad in old-timey ruffled shirts dueling it out — what's not to like? Check it out.

2. "Then You Look At Me" by Mia Michaels

Finally — a contemporary routine that ends with a couple smiling and hugging each other! We loved the sheer freedom displayed by Danny and his gorgeous partner, Lauren Gottlieb. Both contestants dance without abandon and the result was truly exhilarating.

1. "Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Dmitry Chaplin

Hands down, one of the most incredible ballroom routines ever, we can't get enough of this sizzlin' samba. Lacey Schwimmer is a goddess and Danny, a contemporary ballet dancer, mind you, rocked this style. Enjoy!