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The Bachelor

David Good: William Violated Man Code, The Bachelorette Is Boring Without Bentley

David Good literally wrote the book on “Man Code” — and he’s issuing a violation to The Bachelorette Season 7 contestant William Holman for ratting on Ben Castoriano in Episode 5. Then again, he thinks Bentley Williams is the only good thing about Ashley Hebert's season — which has to be a violation of some other code out there.

The Bachelor Pad alum just talked about Ashley’s love quest in a nice little interview with The Bachelor Contributor. “What William did was not cool at all. Guys do that stuff all the time — kidding around with each other, being sarcastic, and saying things they really don’t mean. William violated a serious Man Code when he went behind Ashley’s back and told on Ben C. Then you have Ashley who didn’t even give poor Ben a chance to explain himself. I’m just glad she sent William home as well. He should have been sent home after the roast as far as I’m concerned.”

Dave also addressed the Bentley situation. At this point, we know Bentley returns to the show on Episode 6. But why haven’t the producers told her the bad things he said about her behind her back?

“Look, the producers aren’t looking out for anyone on the show,” Dave continued. “They want the ratings and the drama that brings it in. To be honest, Bentley is the only thing making this season of The Bachelorette interesting. If it weren’t for him, the show would be pretty boring.”

It’s hard to tell if that’s true or not, since even in the last two Bentley-free episodes, we’ve still heard his name a thousand times...

Read the full story for more from Dave.

Source: The Bachelor Contributor

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06.23.2011 / 05:27 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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