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So You Think You Can Dance

Nick Young and Wadi Jones Dish on Their Favorite SYTYCD Choreographers

So You Think You Can Dance gives aspiring professional dancers an experience they can't get anywhere else. Not only are contestants exposed to new dance styles week after week, but they also get to work with award-winning choreographers who are masters at their craft.

For recently eliminated contestant Nick Young, it was Sonya Tayeh who left a lasting impression. "I loved working with Sonya," the 19-year-old tap dancer revealed during a FOX conference call. "I think the passion she puts into her dances and the passion she wants you to put into them is just amazing. It says a lot about the kind of person she is."

Nick also developed a special camaraderie with choreographer and guest judge Tyce Diorio. "Working with Tyce was a lot, a lot of fun. He's just a really genuine guy and you know he means everything he says."

B-boy Wadi Jones learned something different from each choreographer he worked with. "I can't pick a favorite," he confessed. "Each one of them had something inspiring to say that had more to do with life than just dance. They taught us how to be better dancers and better people ... I loved each and every single one of them."