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True Blood

Alan Ball Is Sick and Tired of Seeing Tara Play the Victim

True Blood kicked off to one hell of an amazing WTF start on Sunday night, and let’s just say we have some questions. You have some serious explaining to do, Alan Ball!

Alan chatted to TV Line about why season four takes place an entire year after the finale of season three. “We wanted to get all of our characters into somewhat of a new place," he said. "To give Jason time to have actually become a sheriff’s deputy. To have Bill be the king. To have Arlene’s baby be born. And then, as we were talking about Sookie being in Fairy Land, the idea rose that time just happens differently there. And it seemed like a really organic way to kick-start the show so that it would be in a new place when she got back.”

A crazy time warp wasn’t the only shocker in the True Blood premiere — the Twitterverse is still buzzing about Tara’s team switch! Alan says, “Look at Tara’s history with men. If anybody has a reason to try something new, I think she does. It didn’t seem like it was that outlandish given her history and who the character was.” He continues, “I said, ‘How would you feel about this?’ And she said, ‘Oh, that would be fun.’”

Cage fighting with hot ladies? Of course that would be fun! One thing’s for sure, Tara is definitely a changed woman.

Alan gushes, “I count my blessings with this cast all of the time because everybody is pretty fearless. Everybody is pretty game to do just about anything. I think it made sense emotionally for Tara, given everything she had been through with Eggs and Franklin Mott. And part of what we wanted to do with her this season is really stop her from being a victim and really have her take control and reinvent herself in a way that was less victim-y, and [giving her a female lover] seemed to fit in with that whole paradigm.”

Look, we’re into Tara’s new girlfriend and everything, but no one can ever replace Franklin.

Source: TV Line

06.29.2011 / 04:31 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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