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Secret Life of the American Teenager

4 Studliest Ricky Moments From “When Opportunity Knocks”

Ricky was totally working his bad-boy magic in “When Opportunity Knocks [People Up],” so we’ve rounded up his studliest moments from Monday night’s Secret Life of The American Teenager eppy for you to swoon at all over again!

Sigh, this boy was even more studerific than usual.

1. So studly that the concept of fake meat is totally foreign to him. Did you see Ricky’s face when Amy went off on her vegetarian meat tangent? He was totally confuzzled. It was like his mind couldn’t even process the fact that fake meat even exists. When it comes to sausage, the Rickster is a purist.

2. So studly that he’s a smartypants. At first we were confused when Ricky turned out to be a secret genius, but now we’ve realized that it’s just part of his studly plan. First, he throws ladies off with his good looks and apparent ditzyness, and then he comes back at them all, “Look how fast I can solve this math problem. Now sleep with me.” Oh studs, always so sly....

3. So studly that peeps ask him to handle their breakups. Breaking up can be tricky, but now there’s a way to avoid that awkward convo! Just call on Ricky “heart breaker” Underwood to do your dirty work for you. When Ben asked Ricky to break up with Adrian for him, we almost spit out our Shirley Temples — not because we’re pissed at Ben, but because it makes so much. sense. Ricky could probably make enough money to put himself through college with that gig!

4. So studly he didn’t even wait until George was out the door to start making on Amy. George practically vomits in his mouth every time he sees Ricky and Amy in the same room, but daddy issues never stopped a stud before. Ricky planted one on Amy before her pops had made it halfway out the door! This hot mess is Freud’s dirtiest dream.

06.30.2011 / 03:25 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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