Five Reasons Why Booth and Brennan Will Make It As a Couple
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Five Reasons Why Booth and Brennan Will Make It As a Couple

Thanks to Bones, we’ve got six full seasons of corpse-finding, crime-fighting, and butt-kicking under our belts — not to mention six seasons’ worth of innuendo, subtle flirtations, and significant glances between Bones’ protagonists, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

And while one will-they, won’t-they debate has been silenced with the new couple also becoming new parents at the end of last season, another one begins: Will these two polar opposites make it together?

Well, here are five reasons why we think B&B can work:

From the moment Booth embarrassed Brennan by having a Homeland Security guard detain her in the airport — only so Booth could “rescue” her from the interrogation room — it was all too clear that we had a love connection on our hands.

Actually, that doesn’t sound quite right.

But consider this: What do Booth and Brennan do immediately after Booth’s “rescue”? They climb into the car, share a second of smoldering eye contact, and start bickering. You see, the foundation for their relationship was set from the beginning, written in the stars (or the cars, as the case may be)!

Think about the sundry men Brennan has seen over the past six years. We remember some vividly, like Booth’s boss Agent Hacker and FBI agent Tim Sullivan. And Brennan spends enough time boasting about her thrumming sex life to give us reason to suspect many more lovers just outside the camera’s view.

Booth, for his part, is reticent about his couplings, leaving us to do a lot more guesswork (which Brennan hates, as we know). But it’s not hard to forget Hannah, who left just this past season, and Rebecca, Parker’s mother.

So what do our two protagonists have in common here? None of their relationships have lasted, yet Booth and Brennan continually return to each other. It’s not just because they’re partners in crime, either — both have had plenty of opportunities to go their separate ways, and yet they just keep coming back.

Excuse the tired cliché but the truism holds, well, true in this case. Brennan goes with her head; Booth goes with his heart (or his gut, as the situation requires). Brennan’s analytical; Booth’s intuitive. Brennan solves a murder by looking at hundreds of bones while Booth does it by asking hundreds of questions.

Each has in abundance just what the other lacks — and, more profoundly, each has helped smooth over and fortify the other’s shortcomings over the past six seasons. It’s what makes them such perfect partners in the field, and it’ll just as likely make them perfect partners in love, in parenting — and, most likely, in bed, too!

Let’s face it: Bones is less than half a show with Booth and Brennan separated. When Season 5 ended and they went off to opposite ends of the world, we didn’t want to see them anywhere but in the same place. And while Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins’ (TJ Thyne) roller-coaster marriage, Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) dating drama, and Sweets’ (John Francis Daley) up-in-the-air relationship make for entertaining/endearing plotlines, it’s B&B’s perpetual, corny-as-can-be mutual love that keeps us tuning in every week.

It serves to remember that Bones is a show built on death and sadness. It takes at least one corpse (and a few tears) per episode to make the drama what it is: pretty darn great. But even the most avid fans need a reprieve from the gore and grief. That’s why we love Booth and Brennan: Even though they’re swimming against an overwhelmingly morbid tide, each lifts the other with a smile, a joke, some levity. And the only thing better than a happy ending is a happy beginning and middle, which B&B have had six seasons build.

So let’s think about this pragmatically. What will happen if Booth and Brennan don’t work out? Either they have to keep working together and the show becomes a horrifying miasma of soap-opera-style awkwardness, or one of the characters leaves the show. Now, there are a number of shows we can watch for post-breakup awkwardness — or, for more than enough of us, real life will do just fine. As for one of the main characters leaving, well, we’ll be frank: Bones couldn’t handle it. It would be like expecting the Arc de Triomphe to remain standing after blowing one of its legs off. So, Bones writers, we think it’s best to heed one wise man's advice and just makeitwork!

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