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The Bachelor

Hot Rumor! Jake Pavelka Meets New Girlfriend at Playboy Mansion

Say what you like about him, Bachelor Jake Pavelka is always good for “news of the weird” updates.

Today’s Jake scoop involves a possible new girlfriend named Sarah Carroll. According to RadarOnline, Sarah is the female counterpart to the spoof couple “Sparah” in Virgin Mobile’s new ad campaign. Yes. She’s “famous” for playing half of a fake celebrity couple. Coincidence?

Credit: Amanda Parks/Splash News/Daniel Tanner/    

Sarah and Jake were spotted at the Beverly Hills eatery Mr. Chow (not Lemon Basket?) on Wednesday night, June 29. A “well connected source” told RadarOnline that the couple wanted to be "discreet" (not bloody likely!) and asked for the most secluded table in the restaurant. "They arrived around 9 PM and didn't leave until almost 1," the source said. "Jake was very gentlemanly, opened the door for Sarah, held the car door open and obviously picked up the check. She was grinning from ear to ear and leaned over the table the entire time so she could be close to him. She was totally engaged in the conversations. He seemed really taken by her too."

This is the best part — the two reportedly met at a party Saturday night at the Playboy Mansion. Jake is hanging out at the Playboy Mansion now?

Source: RadarOnline

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