Twitter Round up: Brandi Glanville’s Crazy Tweets
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Twitter Round up: Brandi Glanville’s Crazy Tweets

If you aren’t caught up on who Brandi Glanville is, here’s the recap: She’s joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 2, and she’s been dealing with a nasty divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian — he had a scandalous affair with LeAnn Rimes, who he then married.

Ever since then, Brandi has been stirring up a cauldron of drama via her Twitter, ranting directly at LeAnn and providing no shortage of snarky sassing! Well, who could blame the girl? We hate to say we love it, but who are we kidding? We can’t get enough! Take a look at what the new RHoBH star has been tweeting out as of late.

On June 23, Brandi jetted off to Hawaii for vay-cay with her new cast mates and tweeted, “Hawaii here I come! I will miss my little tan, half, cuban babies that took over my ENTIRE bed the last 2 nights! Best 3some ever! Haha ;)” Uh, that’s one way of putting it, Brandi.

Then there’s the juicy tweet from just the day before: “@Momeash I am 100 percent over my ex and I wish he and his wife happiness. I don't obsess over him,her, or my weight! Goodnight xb.”

And Brandi even showed a little twittery love to a LeAnn Rimes impersonator who offered to bring Eddie to Hawaii: “@leanncrimes perfect we can have a 3some! I can show u what he use to like ;) jk.”

And finally, if the previous tweets didn’t assure you Brandi’s over her former hubby, she wrote, “@speck634 I promise that I don't care about anything eddie did or does unless it effects our kids. He is some 1 else's problem now, thnks!”

Brandi clearly tweets her mind, so we can’t wait to hear what she has to say when she gets together with the rest of the RHoBH ladies in Season 2. No wonder she’s being called the newest bad girl!

Source: Brandi Glanville’s Twitter

07.1.2011 / 03:32 AM EDT by Kim Hoffman
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