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The Bachelorette

Duck! The Tabloids Are Attacking JP Rosenbaum, Ryan Park, and Ames Brown

Why do the tabs have to pick on our Cupcake? After trashing Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s dating history, past insecurities, and even weight gain — the tabloids have now turned on her presumed frontrunner, JP Rosenbaum. But they’re also taking shots at some of her other bachelors, including “Mr. Sunshine” Ryan Park and Ivy League sweetie Ames Brown. (Will hot winemaker Ben Flajnik be next or is he safe?)

In Touch just had a story where a bunch of nameless people called JP a big flirt and “kind of a jerk” in real life. Now OK! is upping the ante, claiming Ashley does pick JP in the end, but he already broke up with her because, “the word is that the guy was just using her to be famous.”

Credit: Dave Hagerman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

That’s from — you’ll never guess — an unnamed “source” who adds, “He turned out to be a complete fake! Apparently he accepted the rose and gave her the engagement ring, but then as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, he did a total 180…He made her feel like she was ‘the one’ and then totally betrayed her…The guys in the house thought he was sincere and so did everyone involved with the show. This guy pretended to be so sincere for the whole time; he was actually the biggest user of the bunch.”

This sounds like more BS, especially since Ashley has been reiterating that she’s happy with how things turned out for her.

Life & Style hates to be left out of things like this and since they already announced on their cover that Ashley is engaged and elated, they are sticking with that story. They don’t pick a side on who will win, but they have words on JP as well.

Ashley said JP’s kisses are “magical” and Life & Style says it’s because of all the practice he’s had from “dozens and dozens of girlfriends.” However, a friend said JP’s playboy days are behind him. “He’s such a nice guy and is very attractive,” the friend says. “So he’s certainly dated enough girls to know what he wants and doesn’t want. If Ashley’s the one, then he’d definitely be ready to make a lifelong commitment.”

Another insider calls JP “a guy who can break hearts because of his charm,” but one of his friends — who also kissed him once — Victoria Flores said he is ready to settle down. “He had all the right intentions,” she tells Life & Style. “He was hoping to meet the love of his life… He’s sexy, fun, generous, and a true gentleman. And he’s a seriously amazing kisser!”

We can live with that! However, Life & Style doesn’t just take on JP. They also have some not-so-nice things to say about Ashley’s other boyfriends:

Ames Brown — Although billed on the show as a “portfolio manager,” one of his exes says he never really has real jobs. “He doesn’t really work. He just gets degrees and travels around.” Well, we all kind of figured that. But on top of that, “he’s trying to be an actor.” This is the really weird part — a classmate calls him a “lady killer.” “He’s charming, intellectual and good-looking, but he uses those great assets to get whatever he wants from women. He was in a relationship with a friend of mine, but he was also seeing more than one girl on the side. And it wasn’t until his jilted partners started talking that people found out. I spent hours consoling my friends ho had their hearts broken by Ames.” Ames is a heartbreaker? That’s hard to believe.

Ryan Park — Just days before going on The Bachelorette, Ryan supposedly dumped his girlfriend. “He broke up with his girlfriend right before he went on the show because he told her he wasn’t ready to get married and didn’t feel like marriage was in his future.” The insider believes Ryan went on the show to help promote his solar-energy company. “[His ex] Melanie feels like she never knew Ryan at all.” So he’s not just trying to be the Season 16 Bachelor?

Constantine Tzortzis — “He doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t share his religious beliefs,” an insider says. So the fact that Ashley isn’t Greek Orthodox means he was never likely to propose. Unless it’s just because she’s supposedly an atheist and he wants to date a Christian? Who knows.

Bentley Williams — Another “insider” claims Bad News Bentley has been seen around Denver with a gorgeous blonde — and it’s not his ex-wife Suzette, who refused to take him back. “His friends are saying it’s a rebound,” the insider tells Life & Style, “so he doesn’t have to go through The Bachelorette backlash alone.”

Sources: OK! magazine, Life & Style magazine