Robert Taylor, Jr. Says America Doesn’t Know What Real Hip Hop Is
Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    
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So You Think You Can Dance

Robert Taylor, Jr. Says America Doesn’t Know What Real Hip Hop Is

Robert Taylor Jr. isn't at all bitter about being voted off So You Think You Can Dance, but he is a little concerned that America put him in the bottom three for the wrong reasons. "I'm not one of those guys who does a whole lot of flips and tricks," he said during a recent FOX conference call. "For me, it's the feeling ... the grooving ..."

Robert's understanding of hip hop culture runs deep; he learned "the elements" — locking, popping, weaving, gliding, and cutting — from dancers like Brian Green, who choreographed for Mariah Carey and Salt-N-Pepa in the early '90s, when hip hop really started taking off. "I'm more of an old-school hip hop dancer," he explained.

That being said, Robert contends that he never actually got to perform in his style and regrets not being able to show America what real hip hop is all about. "People say that I had hip hop as my genre, but to be quite frank with you, the hip hop that was done [on the show] was more like street jazz ... Like people who choreograph for Rhianna and Beyonce," he said. "I feel that America doesn't really know about the feeling of what hip hop is ... I think if I had tricks, maybe I'd still be on the show."

Robert's partner Miranda Maleski, who was also eliminated in Week 3, had a completely different experience with Nappytabs' woodpecker routine. "I had never taken a hip hop class in my life!" she said. "So when people realized I pulled hip hop out of the hat, they were like, 'Oh, boy! This is gonna be bad,' but it wasn't. I really found that I loved it, and Nappytabs told me I was really good at it, which was awesome to hear."

What Miranda and Robert can both agree on, though, is how much they grew throughout their time on the show. Both dancers have big plans for the future, with Miranda hoping to work for Kanye West and Robert looking for opportunities with Usher and Chris Brown. "The sky's the limit, but there's a lot I want to do," said Robert.