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It’s Summer! Rock Short Shorts Today Like Our Favorite Celebrities

We hope lots of sun, hamburgers (or veggie burgers), are par for the course this summer! And let's not forget people will likely be showing a lot more skin this season — weather permitting or not. With that in mind, we'll just say exactly what's on our minds: Short shorts are not for everyone. Though they are arguably super-American — especially of the cut-off, denim variety (Yo, Daisy Dukes!) — they really aren’t the most flattering thing you can wear, and second — Hello, thighs and butt cheeks! Our point is, if you throw it all to the wind and dare wear short shorts today, own it like the celebs featured in this gallery. (See Matthew Morrison, left, for reference). Flip through to see which stars who are getting their short shorts swagger on this summer.