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The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie, Vicki, or Anna: Which of Jeremy’s Girlfriends Was Your Favorite?

It’s fair to say that after TVD’s Season 2 finale, the future of Jeremy Gilbert’s love life is completely up in the air. When we were first introduced to Jeremy, he was pining hard after the wild ‘n’ crazy Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell). He then met Anna (Malese Jow), curious, adorable and vying for his love. After Vicki and Anna were both killed, he fell hard for his sister Elena’s best friend Bonnie! But three’s company! Since we recently spoke with Malese and Kayla, we got to wondering, which girl do you think Jeremy should be with?

We’re pro Vicki and Jeremy

Jeremy gets Vicki. This pair can party hard, but the one thing that kept them afloat was Jeremy’s will to keep Vicki out of harm’s way, even if it meant crossing paths with high-tempered Tyler Lockwood. Even after Damon modified his memory, Jeremy was still totally hung up on his bad-girl gf.

But they make us a little nervous

Bonnie, Vicki, or Anna: Which of Jeremy’s Girlfriends Was Your Favorite?
Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network    

One can only assume that if Vicki is back from the dead, she’s just the slightest bit angry with Stefan. (He put the final stake in her, after all.) So if our little vixen vamp wants to seek revenge on Stefan, Elena could be next in her vengeance line! And do ghosts/angels/spirits have self-esteem issues? Because Vicki was quite a mess both before she died and once she turned fanged.

We love Anna and Jeremy

Anna was almost too perfect for Jeremy. For once, a girl was chasing after him and not the other way around! Charming and confident, she brought Jeremy out of his mopey state. Best of all, when Jeremy found out Anna was a vampire, she didn’t kill him! Instead, things got bloody and strangely romantic when he cut himself open. Yes, it’s true. The petite vampire was head over heels smitten for our favorite hoodie-wearing human.

But it’s not a perfect relationship

Bonnie, Vicki, or Anna: Which of Jeremy’s Girlfriends Was Your Favorite?

Let’s not forget, Anna had a vampy agenda! She showed up at the library for one reason: to get to that cursed tomb. We’re also a little worried about her codependency issues. We know, we know! She had to get to her mother Pearl. But that girl showed up everywhere Jeremy went. At the very least, blood drinking is grounds for an “It’s Complicated” relationship status.

We are Team Bonemy

Three words: instant mood-setter. With a witchy girlfriend like Bonnie, there’s never a shortage of romance when she can light candles on the fly. Plus, they’re always hiding out in abandoned houses and secret bunkers. Trés intimate! Of all the lady friends, Bonnie will never have to try to not kill Jeremy. And for that matter, she’s saved his life. As an added bonus, since she’s BFF with Elena, he knows he can completely trust her. (And Elena always has her gal-pal around!)

But things have changed

Bonnie, Vicki, or Anna: Which of Jeremy’s Girlfriends Was Your Favorite?
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

If Anna and Vicki are definitely back for good, things will get all sorts of complicated in the witches/vampires rivalry. Will Bonnie be able to control her jealousy? That’s a lot of vamp against just one witch. We know Jer-Bear and Bon-Bon have a ton of history, but maybe that just means they’d work better as friends! Saving his life almost killed Bonnie. Maybe they’d be safer apart....

Maybe Jeremy should go solo…

When your two dead ex-girlfriends show up in your living room one night, it might be a sign that you need a little time to yourself. Considering he’s just an average teenage boy, Jeremy could be doing what he loves: drawing, holing up in the library, even — dare we say it — brooding! We kind of love Jeremy when he’s moody. And something tells us that with dear Aunt Jenna’s untimely death, Alaric will need some bro-time with Jeremy. These two guys could bond and give the ladies of Mystic Falls a chance to live past the age of 30. (Hey, they have track records!)

So, what do you think? Who’s your fave of Jeremy’s girlfriends? Vote below!

07.6.2011 / 12:05 AM EDT by Kim Hoffman
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