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Pretty Little Liars

Laura Leighton Is the Best Mom Ever!

Ashley Marin has a unique (read: criminal) brand of parenting skills on Pretty Little Liars, but off-screen, Laura Leighton is the best mom ever! She sat down with Good Housekeeping to chat about the challenges of parenting — other than the stress of finding the perfect pasta box to stow thousands of dollars in.

The parenting rule Laura never breaks: “I'd like to say it's brushing your teeth before bed, but there have been times the kids have fallen asleep in the car and been carried straight to bed. And I'm becoming stricter about healthy food — whole grains, no sugar.”

The hardest part about being a working mom: “Missing stuff. You can't control your work schedule, so inevitably I'll be working when somebody has a report due or a concert. I hate it. I'm not comfortable missing bedtime, either.”

The ideal date-night with her hubby: “Just the two of us having dinner, being able to catch up without being interrupted a million times. It doesn't happen often, but we appreciate it when it does.”

The perfect girls night in: “Yes, my friends and I find excuses to get together. For a while we had a knitting night once a month at my house. I love that you can be social while creating something.”

Aw, we want Laura to be our mom! Minus the whole “healthy food” thing — we could do without that.

Source: Good Housekeeping