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True Blood

6 WTF Moments From True Blood Season 4, Episode 2: “You Smell Like Dinner”

We love True Blood as much as the next fan girl, but sometimes we finish an episode, scratch our fangs and go: WTF?! If True Blood fills you with a major lust for blood, but also some confusion about what the eff is going on up in Bon Temps’ grill, check out the 6 biggest WTF moments from “You Smell Like Dinner!”

WTF is up with ...

1. The way Bill decorated his house? We’re so dissapointed by Bill’s royal decorating skills. Zebra rugs, tacky wallpaper and random naked statues? Kate Middleton would have spilled her champagne just taking one look at that hot mess.

2. Sam and Luna just hang naked? You’d think that once Sam and Luna shifted back into humans and started bonding over their life problems, they’d be like, “Oh ... yeah. Where’d our clothes go?” This isn’t a nudist colony, Samuel. Have some decency, or you’ll scare the local inbred children.

3. No one noticing a herd of wild horses running around town? Whether it’s dealing with the local yokels, changing your evil baby’s diaper or wandering shirtless down the street, people in Bon Temps are crazy busy. But too busy to notice the fleet of horses stomping around woods at odd hours of the night?

4. Bill’s '80s outfit. Look, we totally appreciate the leather jacket, black nail polish and studded earring, but if Bill’s going to flashback to the '80s, he could at least reminisce about the time he infiltrated a jazzercise class in pink spandex, short shorts and a belly shirt.

5. The bathroom at Fangtasia. Did anyone noticed the painting on Fangtasia’s bathroom wall of a little girl crying into a toilet? Seriously, what the hell. We wouldn’t bat an eye at blood-splattered walls — but little crying girls? Oh, Eric, you’ve done it again.

6. Sam’s hair. He looks like Meg Ryan circa You’ve Got Mail.

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07.7.2011 / 11:12 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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