Vampire Diaries Spinoffs We’d Love to See
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spinoffs We’d Love to See

No one lives forever. Especially on a show about vampires. Vampire Diaries characters are dying left and right, which makes our favorite vamps, witches, werewolves, and humans ripe for spinoffs and prequels once they’ve met their untimely demise. Check out our picks for future Vampire Diaries offshoots:

Bring back Jenna! Or at least, give the girl her own show. Before she was a parental guardian/grad student working on a mysterious thesis, Jenna was a party animal. We’re picturing a Felicity vibe here, with snarky philosophy major Tate and undeclared ultimate Frisbee player Graham vying for her heart as she navigates the trials and tribulations of college at the University of Virginia. Naturally, life gets complicated whenever high-school chum/ex-flame Mason Lockwood comes to visit.

Alaric the Vampire Hunter
We’re not gonna lie: We miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a CW resident, she could pop up every now again in this Vampire Diaries prequel as a vampire-slaying ally. And it’s not that we want Alaric to die (we seriously could not handle a Matt Davis-less existence). This would be more of a consolation prize.

Following his wife’s mysterious death, Alaric takes up where her research left off. Only then does he come to the chilling realization that vampires are real. We follow the roguish Duke grad as he trains in the deadly art of vampire assassination. Trading one-liners with his lovely assistant Clara (who tragically dies before Alaric leaves Mystic Falls, never having told him how much she loves him), Alaric learns the art and science of weaponry and travels all over the world, dispatching creatures of the night.

The O.V.s
We’ve always wanted to see the Salvatore brothers throughout iconic eras like the ‘20s, ‘40s, and ‘80s — you know Stefan had to be rockin’ the Miami Vice pastels — but obviously TVD isn’t parting with either hottie anytime soon. No problem. There are two other fine brothers, Klaus and Elijah, who we’d be happy to watch every week. Best of all, since this pair is as old as dirt, we can watch them do some major damage throughout ancient Rome, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution. Plus whenever Nina Dobrev isn’t busy, she bring the role of Katerina to this new series, and maybe we’ll finally get some answers about the mysterious doppelganger.

Deputy Donovan
Inspired by his mentor Sheriff Forbes and forlorn over his split with the vampire Caroline, Matt Donovan leaves Mystic Falls (again, we do not want Zach Roerig out of TVD, we’re just offering an alternative to seeing Matt drained of blood) and finds work as a lawman in rural Georgia. Hoping to have a normal life free of supernatural creatures, Matt nonetheless begins to suspect things are not as they seem in this sleepy burg. Further complicating matters is the owner of the town’s quaint café, Delia, who Matt is afraid to trust, even if she seems to have all the answers.

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